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The Black Marlin Story

The sailing Gulet  M/S Black Marlin is lovingly run by Marlin and Maria.

An awesome husband and wife team with salt water in their veins, half a dozen various ocean crossings, and more than 30yrs of professional maritime experience between them, they offer prospective guests an enormous wealth of knowledge and safe, professional sailing.


Originally from New Zealand, Marlin’s love affair with the ocean started as a baby, learning to swim before he could walk. And with his family lineage steeped in boat building, commercial fishing and marine engineering its no surprise he has spent the vast majority of his life either on, in or around the deep blue in one form or another.

Relative experience includes commercial diving & drill rig operator in Australia, passenger and cargo ferry Captain in Vanuatu,  dive shop and dive boat Captain/builder/owner in Thailand, over a decade of skippering super yachts around the Med, as well as build engineer of a 45m Benetti in Italy continuing as Chief Engineer of the same yacht after shipping to Hong Kong.

The list of Marlins achievements and experience’s goes on and on and being the character that he is he will be more that happy to tell you all about them…. be warned however you may need a spare week or so!!!! 


His lovely wife Maria proudly hails from the jewel of the Belearic islands….. Menorca, and is an equally (if not even more so) accomplished marine engineer,!  

Sailing since age 7, and competitively since her early teens, and later gained her electrical engineering degree from Barcelona university enabling her to dive head first into the increasingly competitive world of super yacht engineering.

In this hugely male dominated industry Maria has worked her way from the bottom to the very top, impressively holding “Chief Engineer” positions on prestigious high tech superyachts such as SY Heureka (45m  Holland Yachtbaw ) and most recently the awesome MY Khalila (49m Palma Johnson).

Although Black Marlin doesn’t have quite the panache of her previous yachts, the passion, experience, work ethic, pride and professionalism Maria brings to the equation is a huge asset to both her husband and all who step aboard MS Black Marlin, whilst at the same time humbly providing an awesome roll model for young women who may have a penchent  for professional marine engineering.

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Marlin (Captain/ Director)

Maria (Manager)

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